Squad Monthly Fee Structure from 1st July 2016

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Albatross Diving Club is a wholly voluntary club. All coaches, committee members and helpers are unpaid volunteers

Despite this there are significant costs associated with running Albatross Diving Club. To meet these costs members are charged an annual fee which is payable in monthly instalments. Fees for each squad are proposed by The Executive Committee and officially endorsed at each Annual General Meeting (AGM) which all members are asked to attend.

In accordance with the club’s governance fees are set to ensure we are accessible to as many members as possible whilst ensuring that all divers are able to realise their potential within the sport of diving through effective and appropriate training provision.

Fees are used in the following key areas

  • Facility hire – pool and dry training
  • Capital investment and maintenance – boards/training equipment/video capture
  • Coach attendance at competitions (when not covered by Swim England subsidy)
  • Swim England membership for coaches and divers
  • Insurance for Albatross Diving Club, members and coaches
  • Essential Club Administration
  • Coach Training & Development

All expenditure is recorded and audited annually in accordance with UK legal requirements.

To ensure the smooth running of the club we remind members of the following

  • All fees are due on the first of the month
  • Failure to pay by the due date will result in a reminder
  • If fees remain unpaid for thirty days after the due date the committee retains the right to suspend a diver from some, or all of the club’s activities.
  • Our costs do not stop because a member stops. Fees cannot be viewed on a per session basis and no refunds will be given
  • Fees remain payable during holidays
  • Fees remain payable during periods of injury or illness. In the case of long-term absence (over 8 weeks) divers are encouraged to contact the executive committee as soon as possible to explain their situation. It is possible we may be able to help under the terms of our hardship fund.